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The Gift of the Creator,

 The Good Seed,

Spirit Seed.


The practice of planting, tending, gathering, and processing

Mnoomin into food.


The way of life, the art,  and the culture,

that develops as community practices Mnoominke.


You are invited
to the Third Annual Mnoominkewin Gathering
on September 24, 2022
at Curve Lake First Nation's Lance Woods Park.

Together we will gather on the shore of Wshkiigimong (Mud Lake) under the Mnoomin Giizis
(Wild Rice Harvest Moon) to celebrate the resurgence of the seed
that has nourished Nishnaabeg for generations -

Click here for more information about this year's gathering.

Mnoomin, meaning the good seed or spirit seed,
inspires us to plant, to harvest, to sing, to dance and to celebrate
Mnoomin’s continuing presence in our collective story as Nishnaabeg.  

“Mnoominkewin” -
the art of wild ricing.

With collective spirit and celebration, we wish to inspire generative discourse and illuminate all that is good about our local food source.
Its presence inspires ecological attention to our waters, our lands, our mud,
the crawlers, the swimmers, the four leggeds and the flyers. 

As we plant, gather, process, eat, celebrate, and renew familial and community ties
we actively un-do the damage done by the colonial government through the William's Treaty.
Together we restore cultural transmission, exercise sovereignty, 
and practice Mnoominkewin.

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