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All my relations, to everything from the sky to coast to coast

Beading Workshop with Jean Marshall

Participants will learn how to do applique beadwork as they explore their relationship with the sky, water, and land. This workshop invites participants to create personal imagery that depicts a story or a personal connection

to Sky, Water, and Land.

Jean will speak about her relationship with each of these entities by sharing parts of her beadwork journey. Participants will create an image based on their personal connection with Sky, Land, and/or Water.  

Jean will provide all materials & patterns.

Pre-registration is required for the small-group Sept 21-23 workshop.

Please complete this form to register.

All are welcome to the Sept 24 workshop that will take place at the Lance Woods Park during the Mnoominkewin Gathering.

Sept 21

Introduction to Beading

-What kind of materials to use for beadwork

-How to use heat & bond


Sept 22

Explore Techniques & Materials

-Double Needle Sewing Technique

-Single Needle Sewing Technique


Sept 23​

How to finish a project

-Edge beading



Sept 24

Community Beading Social, drop-in.  

Everyone welcome. 

If you have your own collection of beads, feel free to bring along.  

Bring a beaded item(s) to show & share with the group.

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