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The Link Shuttle


The Link bus will be available for free for the Mnoominkewin Gathering!

The Link is a 5-year public transportation pilot project funded by the Province of Ontario. 

The shuttle will be available for free on Saturday, September 23 from 7:45am to 9:30pm.

The bus will have stops at Trent University Parking Lot P and the Curve Lake Community Centre.

The bus will also stop at the designated Link bus stops along the route. 

Look for an Ellwood Hamilton Bus Line School Bus with The Link logo.

The bus will be wheelchair accessible. 



Parking is available at Trent University. Please ensure that you park in a designated parking space and not in a fire route. Parking fees will apply. 

Peterborough Transit Connections

Each rider will be provided with a Transfer Pass when exiting The Link bus at Trent University. The pass is valid for a single, 90-minute transfer to the Peterborough Transit system. Upon boarding Peterborough Transit, please give the pass to the driver. 

Planning Your Trip

There are three Peterborough Transit routes that riders can connect with at Trent University – Bata Library on Saturday and Sunday. Please note riders will need to walk from Parking Lot P to Bata Library to connect with Peterborough Transit. This includes:

  • Route 3 – Park

  • Route 6 – Sherbrooke

  • Route 8 – Monaghan

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 8.16.09 PM.png


For additional route and schedule information visit the Peterborough Transit website

You can also use the Google Maps app directly on your smartphone to plan your trip. Google Maps will show you the location of the nearest bus stop, what bus to catch to get to your destination, the route it will take, and any recommended transfers.

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