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4th Annual
inkewin Gathering
Undoing the 1923 William's Treaty
September 23, 2023 
Curve Lake First Nation Pow Wow Grounds / Lime Kiln Park


Recordings from the Mnoominkewin Gathering now available here.

Chi miigwetch to each and every one of you who attended or contributed to the 4th Annual Mnoominkewin Gathering at the beautiful Curve Lake First Nation Pow Wow Grounds / Lime Kiln Park on Saturday, Sept 23, 2023. Together we attempted to deconstruct the effects of 100 years of the 1923 Williams Treaty. It was an exciting and inspirational day. We are grateful to each of you for sharing your time, energy, and love for Mnoomin as a community.

Over 500 people from 43 First Nations, Metis communities, and Settlers came together to celebrate Mnoomin. Teachings were shared by Anishnaabe, Mi’gmaq, and Haudenosaunee Elders and Knowledge Holders. A big chi miigwetch, nia:wen, wela’lin, and merci to each of you for strengthening our Nations by coming together in peace, friendship, and sharing.

Chi miigwetch to our Elders Shirley Williams, Wes Whetung, Leona Stevens, and Liz Osawamick for leading our Sunrise Ceremony and sharing sacred Anishnaabe teachings with us.


Chi miigwetch to Miigwaans Osawamick for serving as our firekeeper.


Chi miigwetch to Chief Keith Knott for his words of welcome and for the gift of his presence throughout the day.


Chi miigwetch to Shkaabaawis Sagassige for guiding us through the day as our MC and to TIkib Whetung for keeping our agenda on track.


Chi miigwetch to Ambassador Bob Rae for bringing his perspective on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and for participating in planting Mnoomin.


Chi miigwetch to Dr Fred Metallic for sharing the inspirational story of his community Listuguj First Nation exercising their authority over their Salmon fishery and developing their Ranger Law.


Nia:wen to Chandra Maracle and Rick Hill for reshining the treaties between Haudenosaunee and Anishnaabeg and for sharing their knowledge so generously with us.


Chi miigwetch to Dorothy Taylor for opening the day with her beautiful Mnoomin song and for the reading of her manuscript.


Chi miigwetch to Jonathan Taylor for his welcoming and engaging Anishnaabemowin language lessons.


Chi miigwetch to Janet McCue for leading the open Hand Drum circles and for offering the Opening Song for the afternoon.


Chi miigwetch to Chef Shawn Adler of Pow Wow Café and the Flying Chestnut Kitchen for catering delicious, nutritious, traditional foods for our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chi miigwetch to Ryerson Whetung for providing the moose, Dwayne Jacobs and Bill McLeod for the pickerel, Dr Fred Metallic for the Atlantic Salmon, and Black Duck Wild Rice for the Mnoomin.


Chi miigwetch to Heidi Burns for volunteer coordination and for leading the roasting and dancing of the Mnoomin.


Chi miigwetch to Rory Cummings for his informative display about trapping and about the fur-bearing animals that live in the Mnoomin beds.


Chi miigwetch to Mae Whetung for curating the display of historical photographs and newspaper articles about the 1923 Williams Treaty and the ongoing resistance of Curve Lakers to the oppression of the Colonial Government.


Chi miigwetch to Mark Whetung, Anderson Smith-Merkley, Robbie Sloan, Opal, and Suzanne Galloway for ensuring the safety of participants while on the water.


Chi miigwetch to Opal of the Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts and to the Curve Lake Circus Students for sharing the debut performance of their aerial canoe “Mnoomin Story.”


Chi miigwetch to Missy Knott for hosting the community Open Stage and to Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Taylor, the Babe Chorus, and Keith Secola for their heart-warming performances.


Chi miigwetch to Tai Timbers for his expertise with the sound and lighting for the day and the concert.


Chi miigwetch to Nadya Kwandibens of Red Works Photography and to Raj Nandy and Richard Fung of Black Belt Productions for professionally documenting the Gathering for our future use.


Chi miigwetch to everyone who brought food to an elder, picked up garbage from the ground, or smiled at a new friend. It was all of our collective contributions that created the day.


Chi miigwetch to our sponsors Curve Lake First Nation Gaming Revenue Fund, Ontario Arts Council, Public Energy, Nish Tees, Black Duck Wild Rice, Peterborough Academy of Circus Arts, and Beaverton United Church.


We wish each of you a peaceful year and look forward to seeing you again next year at the 5th Annual Mnoominkewin Gathering!




Patti Shaughnessy and James Whetung on behalf of

The Mnoominkewin Gathering Organizing Committee

Chi miigwetch to our Sponsors:

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