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What should I bring?
While not required, participants may choose to bring:

- folding chairs

- picnic blankets

- feast bundle: plate, bowl, drinking vessel

- skirt for Sunrise Ceremony

- hand drum

- takeaway containers in case of extra food

- beading, sewing, or other art to work on in the company of others in the Artist's Tent.

What if it rains?

The day will run, rain or shine. Please dress for the weather.

We have rented a number of large tents which will provide shelter from the elements.

If there is lightening we will not go out in canoes to gather or plant Mnoomin.

Where will I park?

Watch for signs indicating parking areas at the Lance Woods Park as well as overflow parking at the Curve Lake Community Centre. There are Pedestrian and Service Vehicle Only areas.

Accessible Parking and drop-off is at the bottom of the hill to the left of the Main Arbour. There will be signs indicating this area.

What if I don't want my image recorded on photo or video?

Please let the volunteers at the Welcome Table know if you would not like your image to be recorded and shared after the Gathering on our website, on social media, and/or in promotional materials. The volunteers will let the photographer and videographer know if you do not want to be included in this.

Where do I go when I arrive?

Please sign in at the Welcome Table which will be under a tent just off the Main Arbour. The volunteers will orient you to the day and give you a ticket to enter in the Give Away Draw.

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Mnoominkewin 2022: Clients

Photo credit: Nadya Kwandibens

Mnoominkewin 2022: Image
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